Heart Breaking

There is no changing the inevitable, regardless of how hard it will be. As many of you know, I lost my husband, friend, and life partner in November of 2015. Since he has been gone, my life has been out of sorts. Things have definitely been a challenge, to say the least. I never would have expected to be climbing this very large proverbial mountain by myself at this point in my life. I am not asking for sympathy here, but for a patient understanding while I make some incredibly hard decisions.

With that being said, I have sold the building that houses Stitcher's Treasures, and will be moving everything to our existing online store. This has been, beyond a doubt, one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.

I have had the pleasure of having made some very wonderful friends who helped keep the shop running for the past year while I had to take over my husband's business. I cannot express what a Godsend they have been. I would not have survived this past year without their love, patience, and unwavering support.

I know I am unable to keep the candle burning at both ends right now. I have a birthday this month, which has brought the realization that I need to devote my time to trying to wrap up my husband's business within the next year. In preparation for needing to slow things down, it's become necessary to make this move to an online store.

Please believe me when I say I am just as distraught about this as you are. Stitching has been my passion for most of my life, and this shop has been the center of my world for 21 years. I will do my best to continue to serve you, though it will now be from an online capacity.

I will greatly miss working hands-on with all of you, and being able to see your projects and smiling faces. You are all amazing in everything you do, and in everything you have created. I invite you all to stick around as Stitcher's Treasures enters into a new chapter.

As of November 19th, Everything In Stock* will be 50% off. The Anchor thread cabinets will be avaialble for sale among other stitching storage necessities. Without knowing the exact day that the escrow will close I can tell you that my last day will probably December 10th. I know this is very short notice but it is all that I can offer.

Again I want to thank all of you for some of the best years of my life and know that I will not forget the pleasure it has been to serve you.

God Bless All Of You,


All Orders Must Be Called In To The Shop To Receive Discount! 760-737-3113

If no answer, leave a message identifying the items you desire and your phone number. We will check stock for your items and call you back to arrange payment details.

*limited exclusion apply - Antique collection not included

Welcome to
Stitcher's Treasures

Stitcher’s  Treasures is a full service needlework store.  We have a brick and mortar shop as well as our web presence.  We can supply you with your stitching needs in needlepoint, hardanger and cross stitch.  We can also help you with threads for some of your quilting needs.

Stitcher's Treasures offers a variety of classes and workshops with talented local teachers and nationally known instructors.

The ladies at the shop have a total of about 50 years of stitching experience.  Have a question? Please feel free to come in and ask!

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Many of you have come in and asked us for "embroidery" projects…and were perhaps confused by our response. To simplify things I wanted to clarify the word "embroidery".

Embroidery includes many types of needle art; i.e. free-style embroidery, crewel embroidery, stamped cross stitch, counted cross stitch, samplers, needlepoint, hardanger, long stitch, bargello, and more! All of these are methods of embroidery. So please don't take offense when we question you about the type of embroidery you are looking for. I will attempt to explain a bit more, with your indulgence.

  • Free-style embroidery (for lack of a better term) is when you apply needle and thread to the surface of a piece of blank fabric that embellishes it with decorative stitches. This is an uncounted design but often has an image of some sort as a guide.

  • Stamped embroidery is when you apply needle and thread to a printed design on fabric to embellish it with decorative stitches. Some of you might remember pillow cases being done that way.

  • Crewel embroidery is usually a stamped pattern on a piece of fabric that you stitch, or a printed image on fabric that your can embellish with decorative stitches using yarn.

  • Stamped Cross Stitch is where you make an "X" on a design that is stamped on a piece of fabric.

  • Counted Cross Stitch is where you work from a chart, placing the design on a piece of blank Aida cloth, linen, or even weave fabric by counting the stitches on the chart.

  • Samplers are historically a piece of embroidery created with a variety of stitches done in rows. This was also how many young ladies learned their numbers and alphabet. Today they are very decorative and fun.

  • Needlepoint is done on canvas and can be either charted, stamped, drawn, or hand painted. In this type of embroidery you can either do just a tent stitch or decorative stitches to embellish your work.

  • Hardanger is a type of embroidery where you remove interior threads after you have done some stitches creating openings in your fabric and then decorative stitches are added to further enhance the piece.

  • Long stitch is basically just what the name implies, they are long stitches applied to needlepoint canvas to form a design.

  • Bargello is also done on needlepoint canvas and is done in a series of mathematical flat upright stitches to create a design. This type of embroidery is extremely durable and good for pillows and chair covers.

Our focus at Stitcher's Treasures is all forms of needlepoint, cross stitch, and Hardanger
but we can support all your "embroidery" needs.